Published on: 15/05/2018

Senior officials in Marche: “The project for the Albanian language is reachable”

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The Albanian language classes will be offered in the Italian schools of the Marche region. At the meeting with the President of the region, Luca Ceriscioli and the Mayor of Ancona, Valeria Mancinelli, Minister Majko requested the development of language classes at the Italian schools. Both senior officials found the project very interesting as it serves to the Albanian community and the cultural enrichment and development of the region.

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Mr. Ceriscioli stated: “It is a project that has potential to advance. It is an interesting project not only for the third generation of Albanians that will have the opportunity to learn the Albanian language, but also for the Italian children that would like to learn the Albanian language and culture. The project should be initially implemented in large cities such as Ancona, where there is the largest number of Albanians. Based on its progress, we will extend it to other cities as well.”

He mentioned the region’s strong ties with Albania, focusing on the excellent trade relationship. The senior official was accompanied by an Albanian advisor. Minister Majko stated: “this is exactly the profile of the Albanians we would like to have.”

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Meanwhile, the Mayor of Ancona emphasized the important role that the Albanian community has in the city.She added: “As you know, the city of Ancona is already a part of Albania. The Albanian community here is probably the largest and the most integrated community. We are willing to assist in providing Albanian language classes in public schools.”