Published on: 17/05/2018

Senior officials in Florence: “Albanians, part of our community”

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The excellent relationship between Albania and Italy and the key role of the Albanian migrants in Italy are the main points discussed at the meeting of the State Minister for Diaspora with the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, Mr. Eugenio Giani and the Mayor of Florence, Mr. Dario Nardella. Mr. Giani mentioned the potential that the Albanian community has in Italy and the fact that Albania and Italy are very close to each other in terms of culture. By mentioning a successful case of an Albanian young man who is involved in politics and serves as the leader of the student parliament, Mr. Giani added: “I know many Albanians who came here without money and have been able to establish successful enterprises in the destination country. I see Albania as a European miracle of the last 30 years…There are many cases of successful Albanians who are well integrated into our society. The president of the student parliament at the Regional Youth Council is from Albania. He is a good young man and I think he will have an excellent career in politics.”

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In addition, Minister Majko met with the Mayor of Florence. Minister Majko discussed about the investment plan of many enterprises in Florence that are planning to invest in Albania and the possibility for various cultural projects. Mr. Nardella highlighted the importance of the Albanian community in Florence and mentioned that there are about 5500 Albanians living in the area. He added: “As you may know, we are committed to help Albanians that work here, those who respect the rules and contribute to our community.”

Additionally, he expressed his willingness to help in accomplishing Minister’s request regarding the development of Albanian classes in the Italian schools.

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