Published on: 10/04/2018

Minister Majko meets with the Albanian teachers in Switzerland: “Education of the young generation is our priority”

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Diaspora Ministers of Albania and Kosovo held a meeting with the Albanian teachers and parents network in Switzerland. They discussed some of the concerns of the Albanian community regarding education and various ideas and projects that would make access to Albanian books easier. In addition, they discussed the organizational and financial aspects of the agreement between the government of Albania and Kosovo, which foresees the establishment of cultural centers. Minister Majko elaborated more on the cooperation between Albania and Kosovo in dealing with the issues of Diaspora with a special focus on education. He mentioned that a joint curriculum is being prepared for the official register of the Albanian teachers living abroad. Minister Majko highlighted that the education of the younger generation is one of the main priorities. He added that: “failure in this respect would lead to demographic losses.” Responding to the participants’ questions and comments, both Ministers explained the way the cultural centers  will work and underlined that education and culture are two fundamental issues of preserving national identity.