Published on: 02/11/2018

Minister’s visit to Ireland, a possibility to cooperate for organizing the Diaspora Summit

On the third day of the visit to Ireland, the State Minister for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko, met with high-level Irish representatives engaged with various Diaspora projects.

One of the most important meetings today was the one with representatives of the Investment Development Agency (IDA), an important institution working with the Diaspora.
Mr. James Farrell, Head of Strategy Policies, informed the Minister on different strategies that IDA has implemented to unite the Irish Diaspora.

Also, the Minister learned more about “The Gathering Ireland”, an important project that mobilized a large number of people from the Diaspora to Ireland through various activities. This is one of the most successful models in the world that can be used when organizing efficiently the Albanian Diaspora Summit.

In the evening, the Minister met with Dr. Martin Russell, one of the leaders of the Diaspora Matters organization and professors and researchers on migration issues. Minister Majko and Dr. Russell exchanged their diaspora experiences and discussed the possibility of cooperating with Albania for the organization of the Diaspora Summit.

In the framework of this visit, the Minister paid a visit to the Irish Museum of Immigration “EPIC”, where he learned more about the history of the Irish Diaspora.