Published on: 09/07/2021

Business Women Summit – Minister of State for Diaspora Mr. Majko: Women, an untapped potential

In the activity “Business Women Summit”, during his greeting speech, the Minister of State for Diaspora Mr Pandeli Majko spoke about the role of women in business and their contribution to the Diaspora.

“It is very simple to talk about new politics and relations with the Diaspora and it is very difficult to apply it in practical moments, sometimes in this complex relationship, you can understand that the work in this direction is like planting and growing olives, you have to I work hard and I think that in order to have results, the Summit activity is one of the special events organized by the Albanian Diaspora Development Fund and the Diaspora Business Chamber. Fortunately, this is an activity that is no longer based only on the goodwill of the parties, but an annual activity and in any case, we will have the opportunity to review everything related to bilateral relations, business without discussion. assumes extraordinary importance, has unusual potentials, untapped in Albanian businesses abroad. With pleasure and surprise, when I started working as Minister of State for the Diaspora I saw the UNDP studies on the effects of the Diaspora on the situation of the economic crisis in Greece and what impressed me is that compared to the large number of people who returned from Greece in Albania and to stay and do business, 70% belonged to the protagonism of women. I think these and many other facts show that the Business Women Summit does not come into any kind of gap. It’s too late to do the right thing but better late than never. “Women not only in business but also in other fields have shown a vitality that is tangible, an invisible revolution that has happened and is happening in Albania,” said Majko.

The meeting brings together women entrepreneurs of the Albanian Diaspora and our country, young professionals, academic women and business experts, representatives of state institutions, as well as international organizations, especially those who have developed objectives in their programs, regarding women and their development in the field of business and entrepreneurship. The summit aims to present the challenges during the pandemic period, the experiences and successful models of women entrepreneurs. Also new investment opportunities as well as networking and promoting cooperation between them.