Published on: 18/02/2021

The “Donate Books” initiative launches the distribution process in Greece and Italy

The first contingent of books donated within the “Donate Books” initiative for Albanian citizens serving sentences in the Institutions for the Execution of Criminal Judgments in Greece has left for Greece today. The next day, the contingent determined for the Italian institutions will leave. There are about 10 thousand books that have been donated by various publishing houses in the country, various individuals and institutions which are expected to be distributed in prisons on February 21, International Mother Language Day.

Present during the launch of the books was the Minister of State for Diaspora Mr Pandeli Majko and the Minister of Justice Mrs Etilda Gjonaj.

In his speech, Minister Majko said: “Today is a special day for a very simple and humane reason. It is precisely this initiative that together with the Ministry of Justice and under the supervision of two Diaspora agencies, the National Diaspora Agency and the Diaspora Publishing Center where we are today, we will launch the first part of the books in the direction of Greek prisons today. and tomorrow in the direction of Italy. There are over 10 thousand books which are a gift for which we are grateful to all donors, especially the publishing house “Toena” which is the main donor.

All these books will go into the hands of people who without question are in a difficult position and are in conditions of lack of freedom. The Diaspora does not consist only of people who have been hit by success, it also consists of people who for various reasons have made mistakes and are in conditions of lack of freedom, but they remain part of the large family of Albanians regardless of which country in the world are located. That is why this humanitarian initiative gives this day a special appreciation. I believe and the presence of the Minister of Justice, whom I would like to thank for the cooperation and coordination is an ongoing gesture of value, I do not believe it will be the first initiative as caring for people who are in conditions of loss of freedom abroad is a pretty big number. According to preliminary information, it is larger than the number of prisoners inside the country. Thank you for your presence today, especially the representative of the publishing house “Toena”.

The shipment of books in cooperation with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, which together with the Albanian Post through diplomatic cargo will make possible the arrival of the books by February 21st. The books will go to 6 points, the embassy and two consulates in Italy and the embassy and two consulates in Greece.