Published on: 02/07/2018

Minister Majko at the “Maison d’Albanie” in Paris

Shtepia e Shqiperise Paris

The Albanian community in France is very interested in cooperative initiatives or joint projects with the Albanian authorities. Representatives of Maison d’Albanie (House of Albania) expressed their interest during the meeting with the State Minister for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko in Paris. The members of the association are mainly intellectuals and successful professionals, such as Mr. Gjergji Leka, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Public Enterprise of Energy and Nuclear Power Plants in France, Mr. Luan Rama, former ambassador and writer, Mr. Zamir Mati painter, over 100 doctors, engineers and others.

By being interested in the Albanian culture and promoting Albania, they have followed the diaspora reforms and congratulated Minister Majko for his achievements so far. In addition, representatives of the association informed Mr. Majko on their yearly activities; they organize more than 15 activities each year and publish a series of books. Minister Majko expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Albanian community in Paris.