Published on: 12/10/2019

Consultation meeting of the CCD

Today, the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko held his first meeting with members of the Diaspora Coordination Council in Düsseldorf, Germany, a meeting facilitated by the member of the Diaspora Coordination Council, Mr. Lazim Destani.

In his welcoming speech, Minister Mr. Majko spoke about the importance of the establishment of the Diaspora Coordination Council, as a structure that functions for the first time in the Albanian state. This structure is set up to establish closer cooperation between Albanian institutions and communities in the Diaspora, to get to know their problems and provide them with support.
This council is composed of 15 representatives from the Albanian Diaspora, personalities from different fields, who make a continuous contribution to the promotion of the interests of the Albanian nation and especially to the issues of the Albanian Diaspora. As members of this council, they enjoy a special status. During today’s meeting members were introduced in detail to the state policies on the Diaspora, which were drafted and are in place, institutions under the State Minister for Diaspora and work. their support to the Albanian communities in the field of culture, business and education.

In the framework of the legislative reform for 2019, Minister Mr. Majko indicated that 12 important decisions were taken and 6 inter-institutional agreements were signed with the focus on development and support of the Diaspora.
Also presented was the “Arbëreshë Center for Studies and Publications”, the newest institution created under the auspices of the Minister of State for Diaspora, whose work will be focused on conducting specialized studies in history, literature and culture of the Arberesh community.


Minister Mr. Majko also presented the application “Albanian Diaspora”, which is an informative application not only for the activity of the members of the Diaspora Coordination Council, but also for problems and useful information for the Albanian community in the world.
As part of the work on the implementation of the Action Plan of the National Strategy for Diaspora, activities planned for 2020 were presented, such as: “Business Women Summit”, “Doctors Meeting”, “Diaspora Teachers Meeting”, “Meeting of Diaspora Writers” and the “Meeting of Lawyers”.