Published on: 07/11/2017

Minister Majko hosts Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Diaspora of Kosovo, Dardan Gashi

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The State Minister for Diaspora Pandeli Majko met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Diaspora of Kosovo, Dardan Gashi.

The meeting focused on building a cooperation between the two Diaspora Ministries in order to have a better organization of the Diaspora and Albanian migration. More specifically, the government officials talked about the two very important agreements that will be signed by the Governments of Albania and Kosovo. The first agreement has to do with the framework of the agreement regarding the cooperation between the two ministries. The second agreement covers the establishment of joint cultural centers. The centers will facilitate the diffusion of culture and strengthen the links of the Diaspora with their homeland.

The State Minister for Diaspora said “I am delighted to announce that thanks to the prior cooperation between the two cabinets of the ministries, we are negotiating two very important agreements. These agreements will be signed by the Governments of Albania and Kosovo at a joint meeting during the National Flag Day. I would like to highlight the excellent cooperation between Albania and Kosovo in the field of Diaspora. Albania and Kosovo have one united Diaspora. This Diaspora cannot be separated because it has functioned as one for hundreds of years, starting from the Arbëresh to late ’90s. We will take more responsibilities not only for Albanians of Albania and Kosovo, but also for Albanians of Macedonia, Montenegro, and the Presevo Valley. Of course, we will take into account and respect all the existing concepts, international rules, and agreements. I would like to mention that we have the full support of Mr. Gashi. We are about to do a tremendous work that will serve to half of our population living abroad. We are grateful for the contributions of the Diaspora to the economies of Albania and Kosovo. In return, we need to make Diaspora feel connected with their country of origin”.

Meanwhile, Minister Gashi expressed his willingness to cooperate with Minister Majko and emphasized that the objective of ​​these agreements is to organize joint activities for the Diaspora. He added that “these agreements will provide complementary education of the Albanian language for children of Albania and Kosovo without neglecting other Albanian areas. Through these agreements, we will be able to coordinate better activities for the Diaspora. Fortunately, Minister Majko is representing the Republic of Albania for this project. All Albanians of Albania are great friends of us, but Mr. Majko is a slightly greater friend of Kosovo and will certainly have a great impact in the field of Diaspora. I feel great for having such a great opportunity”.