Published on: 30/07/2021

Agreement signed / More cultural activities for the Diaspora Agreement signed / More cultural activities for the Diaspora

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The evaluation and promotion of art and culture in the Albanian Diaspora is the purpose of the agreement signed today between the Minister of State for the Diaspora, Pandeli Majko and the Minister of Culture Elva Margariti.

Albanian art and culture are part of the Albanian national identity that represents us and based on this agreement signed the two ministries are committed to developing the arts and cultural activities of members of the Diaspora, preserving national cultural traditions and promoting their expansion.

The establishment of the Coordinating Council of Artists in the Diaspora is part of this agreement where its members will be artists who during their career have made a valuable contribution to the promotion and development of Albanian art. The procedures and rules on which the Council will be established will be based on a special regulation adopted by the parties.

The two ministries agreed to support, promote and develop arts and culture activities of members of the diaspora, with the aim of preserving and developing their identity, cultural heritage, and promoting their reach.

Part of the agreement is the drafting of joint initiatives of artistic projects and cooperation in identifying Albanian artists in the diaspora and ensure their participation in activities.

Part of it is the creation of a program to maintain regular contacts and develop cooperation practical in matters relating to art and culture in the diaspora.