Published on: 23/04/2018

The meeting with the Albanian community in Chicago

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The State Minister for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko, met with the Albanian Community of Illinois (AACI). Minister Majko expressed his appreciation for the work done so far by the associations in Chicago and his willingness to support their initiatives. Minister Majko informed attendees about the meetings he held in Washington with the Albanian American Friendship Group and the aim of the meetings, which was to promote close ties between the Albanian community and the US Congress and Senate. Attendees expressed their appreciation for the important initiatives initiated by Minister Majko and the Albanian Government such as the Diaspora Law, the Diaspora Development Fund Law and the establishment of the National Diaspora Agency. They agreed that it is time to strengthen the relationship between the Albanian state and diaspora as diaspora has continuously contributed to the homeland’s development. At the meeting, attendees clarified with Minister Majko a few things regarding the Diaspora Law and the function of the Coordinating Council. Minister Majko stated: “The Council is an important body and will consist of 15 members from the Diaspora. Part of the Council will be the Prime Minister, the President and a few other ministers of the Albanian Government. The Council will help the communication between the state institutions and Diaspora.” In addition to the aforementioned topics, attendees discussed about the registration of citizens living abroad, the establishment of cultural centers, the voting right, etc.
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