Published on: 15/04/2019

On the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Atlantic Battalion, the State Minister of Diaspora met with its members

In his speech, Minister Majko stated: “The case of the Atlantic Battalion is a very special case in history, which shows the importance and value of being part of the Albanian diaspora.”
During the conversation, Minister Majko thanked the members of the Atlantic Battalion for their contributions and considered them a special example, for which it can only be written in books. He stated: “We feel honored for all the members of the Atlantic Battalion; thanks to them, we have a new reality from 20 years ago.”
After the end of the war, the Atlantic Association was founded as a continuation of the Atlantic. The head of the association, Mr. Gani Shehu, highlighted the courageous act of a large number of Albanian-Americans who left the US to join the war for independence of Kosovo under the name of the Atlantic Battalion.