Published on: 10/04/2018

Minister Majko meets with representatives of the Albanian business networks in Switzerland

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Minister Pandeli Majko and Minister Dardan Gashi met with representatives of the Albanian business networks in Switzerland and Germany. They discussed the importance of creating favorable conditions for attracting investment from the diaspora. In addition, the Diaspora Ministers informed attendees about the cooperation between the two countries with the purpose of addressing Diaspora as a whole and utilizing their potential. Mentioning the large number of Albanian entrepreneurs in Switzerland, Germany and other countries of the world, Minister Majko acknowledged the importance of investment in the country’s economic growth. Also, he talked about the reforms taken by the Albanian government in order to provide a better entrepreneurial environment. The business representatives present at the meeting requested the support of the two governments in identifying and registering the Albanian entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Germany. They argued that these data will be beneficial for the entrepreneurs themselves and their states. Additionally, entrepreneurs talked about the various projects and investments made in the countries of origin and the provision of scholarships for Albanian students. Moreover, attendees discussed the option of having a TV channel for the diaspora activities, which will serve as a way of getting to know more about the potential of the Albanian citizens living abroad.