Published on: 01/08/2019

Draft National Strategy 2021-2025

Under the expertise of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), based on the discussions during the closing session of the second edition of the Diaspora Summit, some changes have been proposed for the National Strategy for Diaspora.

Most important changes proposed by the IOM experts are the ones regarding the expenditure of the measures of the Action Plan of the National Strategy for Diaspora.

This project does not represent final conclusions of the state institutions, but is an open document which will go through several phases.

First phase: gathering written opinions from individuals and diverse experts
Second phase: public consultation
Third phase: summary and approval of the National Strategy for Diaspora

All abovementioned phases will be flexible for the drafting of a complete document. Project “Strategy 2021-2025” will align latest Albanian Diaspora policy developments and assess its future goals.

We invite you to send suggestions and comments to the email address

Review of Strategy and Action Plan for the Government of Albania