Published on: 24/06/2019

Modified Law / Municipalities in Albania will have Diaspora and Migration Offices

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania approved the proposal of the Council of Ministers for amendment and some additions to Law no. 139/2015 “On Local Self Government”. This is an initiative of the State Minister of Diaspora.

In each municipality, a special structure will be created for Diaspora and migration issues that will focus on strengthening communication and relations with the Albanian communities abroad. The offices will also encourage organizations in Albania and abroad to maintain communication and strengthen relations with the Albanian Diaspora.

The offices will provide assistance and information on issues related to the acquisition of Albanian citizenship and legislation in the field of investments, in cooperation with the relevant institutions.

The focus of this law is the promotion of state policies for development of relations with the Diaspora,promoting cooperation, support and protection of rights of all Albanians abroad.

The law is in line with internationally consolidated standards such as the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.