Published on: 16/05/2018

Minister Majko meets with the Albanian community in Ancona

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After meeting with senior officials of the Marche region, the State Minister for Diaspora met with representatives of the Albanian community in Ancona. Among the attendees were members of various Albanian associations such as “Aquila” and “San Benedetto”. They informed the Minister on their activities, which aim to promote Albanian culture and identity. Attendees discussed other issues such as the possibility of organizing a soccer federation that will have an Albanian stamp, organizing a joint activity with the Albanian schools in the region and placing the ‘Mother Teresa’ bust in the city. Part of the discussion was also the issue of the new generation learning the Albanian language.

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In addition to the above meetings, Minister Majko visited the prestigious yacht company “Ferreti”, which is collaborating with an Albanian enterprise “Arcobaleno”. Arcobaleno is a painting firm led by Mr. Altin Daka and it has many Albanian employees.