Published on: 14/01/2020

At the conference “The Central and Eastern European Forum 2020”, Vienna

Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko is attending the two-day conference “The Central and Eastern European Forum 2020”, which is being held in Vienna, Austria. The focus of the conference is the economic outlook of Central and Eastern European countries in 2020.

During his speech in the panel “Albanians going international”, Minister Majko focused on the role of remittances as a source of income for developing countries, including Albania.

“Remittances in Albania have contributed to improving the standard of living of families who benefit from these remittances. They are an important source of development for the country, so today the private and public sector in Albania is focused on establishing close cooperation with members of the Diaspora ”, said the Minister.

During the presentation, Minister Majko also focused on the activity of the Albanian Fund for the Development of the Diaspora and the Diaspora Business Chamber, the latter created during November 2019. These institutions serve as mechanisms for Diaspora engagement in the development of Albania, by promoting and supporting their investment capital in the country.

For over 25 years, The Central and Eastern European Forum 2020 has been bringing together policymakers, investors, business executives and economic experts to discuss important issues for the region’s economy.