Published on: 20/03/2018

“The diaspora issue” in the British parliament

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The issue of the Albanian diaspora was discussed in the British parliament during Mr. Majko’s visit in the UK. During his visit at the supreme legislative body of the United Kingdom, Minister Majko met with various parliament members. Minister Majko met with Mr. John Grogan, Chairperson of Albanian UK Friendship Group, Mr. Andrew Francis Slaughter, Mr. Martin Vickers, Mr. John Whittingdale, Mrs. Seema Malhotra, etc. Mr. Majko explained to the parliament members how the Albanian communities living abroad have positively affected the relationship of Albania with many other countries. That said, Minister Majko stated that the high number of successful Albanians living in Great Britain deserve Albania’s support. Also, he thanked the British politicians for their contribution in creating opportunities for the Albanian communities in the UK. Focusing on education, Mr. Majko thanked them for the support given to the initiatives for setting up Albanian schools, but at the same time brought up the issue of including the Albanian teachers in the education system. Minister Majko emphasized that Albanian teachers should be part of the system in the UK.


During the meetings, Mr. Majko was asked about the current initiatives that the Albanian government has regarding diaspora and the out of country voting. Mr. Majko briefed them on the steps taken by the Albanian government so far, including the law on the National Diaspora Agency, the establishment of the Sub-Commission for Diaspora and Migration and the State Diaspora Committee. In addition, Mr. Majko mentioned that they are focusing on channeling remittances into productive investment. Regarding the right to vote, Minister Majko acknowledged the fact that this is an ambitious project taking into account the large number of Albanians abroad; but, he highlighted the fact that there is consensus among the political parties on this issue which will make the process easier. Minister Majko introduced some of the options that the Albanian government is considering regarding this issue. At the end of their discussions, members of the parliament expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Albanian authorities on issues that have to do with the Albanian community in the UK and support Albania’s integration in the EU.