Published on: 11/01/2019

2019 the year of Albanian cultural activities in Diaspora

Meeting of the inter-institutional working group on implementation of measures 2 and 54 of the Action Plan for the National Strategy on Diaspora took place today. At the meeting, the State Minister of Diaspora and other participants discussed the implementation of Order No. 138 of the National Strategy on Diaspora. The goal of this wo rking group is to create a calendar of joint state activities, which will serve to the Albanian community in Diaspora.

State Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko emphasized the importance of having a national coordinator as soon as possible; the coordinator will arrange various activities around the world in order to promote Albania.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Environment, Ms. Ornela Çuçi stated that this institution has already approved a list of various activities, including fairs in different cities of the world for promoting the Albanian culture, tradition and culinary. In addition, attendees discussed other relevant projects including “Smile Albania” and “100 Villages”, which aim to bring the Albanian Diaspora closer to their homeland through organizing cultural activities in different cities.